Shimmy Weinbaum’s ABC’s

As Darchai Menachem prepares for its 24 hour matching campaign, Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum took a break from his busy Chidon weekend to compose and record the following ABC’s of our school.

See video above or read below.
Welcome to Darchei Menachem where every child is given
Individual Attention  
This school is a Blessing
They Capture the hearts and minds of the children
With its Dedicated staff
Education is on the highest level,
Because they Focus on each child
Every child is Guaranteed success
The children are Happy
Interested in learning
The staff are non-Judgemental
Children are Motivated and Moved to the point that
Nothing will get in their way
They are full of Optimism
With a Positive Attitude
There is NO Question this is a mosed that must be supported
This is a place that every child is Respected
And Supported, every Student Shines
The students Trust their staff whole-heartedly
Who are all very Understanding
Very committed
To ensuring that every child is a Winner
Now it’s your turn to keep this school alive
Zay Gezunt

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  1. EC Brummel
    Apr 04, 2016

    Shimmy, that was well said. From my own experience of having a child in YDM, I can say that it is truly the Derech of its namesake. Respect, enthusiasm, care, love, devotion, commitment….all of which not only benefit the child to create a positive environment to thrive and learn, but also modeling the midos which we want our children to know.
    thankyou Shimmy Weinbaum for your YDM poem, and thankyou YDM. Baruch HaShem, we accomplished so much in your school. You will only get better and better with this great foundation.It will be with each child forever.

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