About Us

AT Yeshiva Darchai Menachem we continually strive to utilize innovative learning systems and a warm caring environment to ensure your child receives the best possible education.

But above all our staff is committed to fostering honesty, integrity, and self confidence to bring out the Frumkeit, Erlichkeit, and Chassidishkeit in each Talmid.

About Our yeshivah
1Small Classroom Size

Classrooms with 8 to 10 children allows teachers focus on every student regardless of level of their understanding.

2Professional Staff

Our school works directly with the board of education enabling students to receive related services at School, with out any additional cost to the parent.

3Love & Logic

At Darchai Menachem we use the Love & Logic System. This allows our staff to demonstrate to the student the proper way to do things. And then giving them the power of choice, letting them decide between right and wrong.

4Trips & Fun

As result of the point system, if a child is doing average or better he is able to benefit by going on trips & buying prizes from our canteen and prize cabinet.

5Extra Curricular

Over the years as our program has grown, so did the need to be able to give students other options out side the classroom. We have joined in on some extra curricular programs and created a few of our own. To name a few, Chidon Sefer Hamitzvos, where the student competes with students from around the world on Sefer Hamitzvos, gym, swimming, mad Science, and the sparks boys Choir, a school choir which has already performed in the public a number of times.

6Positive Reinforcement

Our school has a unique point system that allows both the student and parent to be able to measure the progress of their son weekly basis.