Collaborative Learning

The Vision:

At Darchai Menachem, we work to ensure that each student develops the skills necessary to confidently interact within his community and be able to successfully continue on to a higher level Yeshiva.

“The fundamental approach to Chinuch lies not in acquiring more and more knowledge, regardless of how high the quality of the knowledge is. The core of Chinuch lies in acquiring good character traits and bringing up children that are upright, righteous, and men of peace.”
– The Lubavitcher Rebbe – 11 of Nissan, 5742

What is Collaborative Learning?

At Darchai Menachem we believe that the classroom is not just about academics; it is a chance to learn many social skills that are essential in a student’s lifelong success. Through collaborative learning, a system that builds social understanding while upholding academic standards, children learn to give and accept feedback, coach each other, and work as a team.

The Results:

Through collaborative learning the students develop a common vocabulary with which to communicate. They are therefore better able to mediate conflicts and express their feelings, in and out of the classroom. Rather the students then get along better and gain confidence of their skills in social situations, creating an emotionally and physically safe place for all our children.