The Vision

At Darchai Menachem, we work to ensure that each student is reaching his maximum academic potential through giving him the skills required for effective learning and critical thinking.

“It’s amazing to watch each of my students connect with what we’re learning and relate it to their own lives. It makes all my efforts worthwhile.”
– Rabbi Meir Perelstein


At Darchai Menachem we believe the first step to effective learning is a clear set of individualized goals of knowledge and skill we expect each child to acquire.

By clearly outlining a list of standards, the child, educators and parents are all able to work together with clear goals to ensure each child is moving forward at his own pace, while being challenged at the same time.


With varied hands on teaching techniques and dynamic differentiation, we can ensure that all types of learners are keeping up with the standards. Our methods put a focus on acquired skills, rather than amount of material covered. This gives our students the tools needed to learn efficiently so they can not only say “Look what I have learned!” but “Look what I can do!”


The third-prong of our approach is authentic assessment that clearly reflects the standards. Through measurable results we get a clear understanding of where each child is at and how far they have to go to achieve their goals.

With a presentable and accurate data system, it is easy for the teachers and children to see the areas they are excelling in and the areas in need of development. Through data-driven instruction the question “Why can’t my child learn?” becomes a thing of the past.