Because every student learns differently

When you’re a student at Darchai, school is all about you. Mastered a new skill? Move on to the next. Need more time? One-on-one instruction helps. Here, each student is on their own path to becoming lifelong learners.

Skills for Life

Two hours a day are set aside for  reading, writing, and math. With fundamentals covered, students can take on anything.

Levels for All

Clear goals are mapped out. Teachers constantly checked in. Data helps us adapt curricula. Everybody learns.

Real Social Studies

Students are taught to work together, receive feedback, and express feelings constructively—in and out of the classroom.

One-on-One Time

Whether it's speech, counseling, OT or P3, we collaborate with the New York Board of Education to give students the support they need.

Mission-based, not tuition-based

Our Mission comes first

Help us provide flexible payment plans and generous scholarships to families in need. With you help, our doors are open to every child.